Why Is Avalanche Avax The Best Blockchain Technology For 2022

Why is Avalanche AVAX the Best Blockchain Technology for 2022

Why is Avalanche AVAX

The Best Blockchain Technology for 2022

What is avalanche mean? Why is avalanche the best blockchain technology. Traditional blockchains not only opened the doors to a new industry, but also got the first blockchain software advantage. However they have certain limitations; which blockchain platforms as advanced as Avalanche can solve.

Best Blockchain Technology

So let’s discuss today and compare different blockchain technology. With avalanche the key factors include bitcoin blocks, which dominates 60 of the market dominance. Bitcoin mining blocks are about 1 mb in size and the processing speeds are slow and can approve a maximum of seven blocks per second.

Ethereum blockchain technology has a maximum capacity of 15 transactions per second. Ripple Blockchain Network handles 1 500 transactions per second. Avalanche on the other end has achieved 6000 transactions per second demonstrating that it can accommodate three times the transaction flow of Visa processing network. The Mastercard of Blockchain Processing.

Both deflation and secondary use cases are needed to create a store of value. Avalanche AVAX token manages to be deflationary through its fee burning and staking processes both of which bitcoin lack.

Avalanche AVAX flourishes with secondary use cases, as well as has more to offer than any other cryptocurrency including Ethereum.

Avalanche Avax, The Best Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Security

Using a classical consensus mechanism for cryptology, traditional blockchains are in completely safe past a 33 percent of user attack. Avalanche AVAX uses avalanche consensus which guarantees it’s safe at least with a 51 attack, and can retain safety up to 80 percent attack. Avalanche AVAX has over 600 validators with no technical limit to how many there can be thus creating a true decentralized network of validators.

Monero Blockchain Technology

Monero Blockchain is a single protocol allowing for its special niche privacy characteristics; if Monero coin privacy blockchain is cracked tomorrow, everyone using Monero will be vulnerable. Avalanche AVAX blockchain technology on the other hand is a protocol that allows for multiple sub-networks. Each with its own privacy oriented virtual machine. With these blockchain software protocol characteristics; you could replicate the privacy standards of Monero on one subnet, the privacy standards of Zcash on another. Plus provide privacy standard of mandatory coin mixing as well.

Ethereum Blockchain Technology

Ethereum has one virtual machine and that is the EVM. Ethereum can never have multiple virtual machines with how it’s currently structured. Avalanche AVAX Blockchain technology on the other hand comes fully equipped with multiple virtual machines; including the EVM.

Avalanche Blockchain technology has no limit on how many or what kind of virtual machines you can have to build your blockchain software protocols.

The expensiveness and popularity of ethereum also makes it extremely hard to use for most of the basic use cases. Just transacting one smart contract on ethereum with your money can cost more than one dollar in eth gas fees, this is not sustainable blockchain software. With avalanche AVAX blockchain technology you know how expensive every transaction is going to be, and it will be reliable and predictable since the fee amount is parameterized.

Avalanche Blockchain Software

With the recent upgrade apricot avalanche unveiled some noble blockchain features.

Let’s check out some key highlights in the upgrade; freezable assets this enables asset creators and issuers to freeze and unfreeze assets on the platform. Avalanche introduces a new ethereum virtual machine instruction called calyx which enables native avalanche assets to be deposited into erc20 wrapped contracts. Epoch will incorporate the concept of time into the avalanche exchange this will unlock many features such as state apricot pruning variable fees, and blockchain governance.

Best Blockchain Technology

So this was a comparison between avalanche avax and traditional blockchains. Avalanche is much more decentralized; faster and more secure and robust feature-rich and regulatory friendly than traditional blockchains.

Avalanche will do much more better job at moving money around the globe and most important of all it does it without being centralized. Share Crypto Swami subscribe to our channel to know how avalanche is also better than the new wave of blockchains flooding in the market.

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