What is Shiba Inu Gold Coin? The DOGE Killer

Shiba Inu Gold on Binance Blockchain

SHIBA INU GOLD (SHIBG) is created through a frictionless yield generation token hard-coded on its Smart Binance contract to use as future currency to feed your shiba inu favorite pets. We built this on Binance Smart Chain to save cost on transactions- more money to feed your pets. Think of $SHIBG as a saving account to feed your pets and nothing is wrong with making huge profit on it!

What is ShibaG Swap?

ShibaG Swap will launch as a Binance Ecosystem Defi ‘Decentralized Finance’ Exchange. ShibaG Swap will provide an NFT “Meme Coin” Game and Marketplace for Shiba Inu Pets. This meme coin will prove to be successful due to the lowered GAS COST of the Binance Smart Chain (BNB Token).

What is BoneG? BoneG Coin.

BoneG Token Coin or Bone G will be used for Staking (Passive Profit) in the Farming and Staking Features inside the Binance Ecosystem.

What is LeashG? LeashG Coin. ‘The DOGE KILLER”

LeashG Token or LeashG Coin will offer rewards on the Binance Smart Chain for ‘Providing Liquidity’ to the ShibaG Swap ‘Decentralized Finance Exchange. The reason many ‘Meme Coins’ Fail like ‘Musk Metaverse’ (Rugpull Scam) Is from ‘Low Liquidity’ for ‘Gas Fees’. Another reason to watch projects on Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem (BNB Coin) Serves as ‘Liquidity’ over smaller coins.

What Is Shiba Inu Gold Coin? The Doge Killer
What Is Shiba Inu Gold Coin? The Doge Killer
What is Shiba Inu Gold?

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