Solsea Nft Marketplace For Digital Artists In 2022

SolSea NFT Marketplace for Digital Artists in 2022

SolSea NFT Marketplace

Digital Art NFT Marketplace is featuring a Solasea NFT Marketplace tutorial. This Solana Solsea NFT Marketplace review tutorial talks about minting NFTs on the Solsea network. You’re probably wondering what is Solsea? Solana and Solsea is aiming to beat the OpenSea Ethereum Network.

What is Opensea? The digital art marketplace for digital NFT artwork.

The Solsea nft marketplace acts the go-to marketplace on the solana network. Why is that important?

Because we are sick of ethereum gas fees.

Quite frankly as a layer one blockchain ethereum was great! Now with the ethereum mining fees; the gas costs associated with buying nfts. Creating NFT marketplace entities and initializing an account on its own is just ridiculous.

NFT digital artists are moving away from that because well there’s better stuff out there. Now Solsea is the one is the NFT marketplace networks that we need to be joining. Start minting your stuff over there, start selling your NFTs over there because you’re doing yourself a favor by minting low-cost artwork on the blockchain. On 20th of January 2022 OpenSea had major Network failure.

Whatever you want to mint as an NFT can been done on Solsea, you’re doing a favor buying NFT artwork on Solsea.

We’ll show you the process of minting an NFT on Solsea Marketplace. The video producer experimented before he made the video review of Solsea NFT Marketplace. Solsea is the first minting platform that allows creators to embed copyright licenses. That means if you go to the faq, open up a new tab you’ll see that it gives you a drop down option, later you can license your NFT with specific rights.

To use Solsea for a NFT Marketplace to sell your Digital Art.


  1. Buy USDT on Binance or Coinbase (Tether)
  2. Use Orca to Swap USDT (Tether) to SOLANA (SOL)
  3. Use Solflare for Web Wallet (Create a password account)
  4. Connect to Solsea Open NFT Market (On Crypto Swami)
  5. Create Cheap Gas Fee Digital Crypto Art NFT’s

Seaswami LLC found this on YouTube

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