RPG Games for Play to Earn Crypto

RPG Games for

Play To Earn Crypto

Rpg Games For Play To Earn Crypto

2022 RPG Games of the Year

To Earn Crypto on your Phone

Era7 ($ERA) has no barrier to entry for players. Users who don’t understand cryptocurrency can still experience the game in the free-to-play mode. Indeed both novice and experienced gamer’s can find their place in the game, and together with the project, build their own ‘Game of Truth’ that belong to them.

In 2021 Digital Art NFT’s made the Fortune 500 List with OpenSea NFT Marketplace.

Dogecoin as a Crypto Token still has ‘No Functionality’ in the Crypto Metaverse.

Shiba Inu is a Promising cryptocurrency token for the Gaming Metaverse.

The Year 2021 marks the first year for the explosion of GameFi and its accompanying RPG Games metaverse.

GameFi is effectively DeFi, but ‘Gamefied’;

it introduces RPG gaming elements to make it more accessible for ordinary people.

NFT tokens into the form of ‘Battle Cards’ and RPG games enable users to make money in real life.

By introducing financial attributes, the user quickly realizes that they’re able to mine tokens through RPG game play with a play-to-earn ideology.

Equally, their funds can be converted into equipment or props which hold investment value.

Era7’s artistic inspiration comes from Trading Card Games (TCGs) like Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering.

GameFi’s RPG Games model has successfully attracted the attention of the gaming industry and the blockchain technology.

($ERA) Era 7 Token and GOT Token have taken RPG Games and the Play to Earn Crypto Model and created ‘Battle NFT Cards’.

CryptoSwami.net has named ERA 7 “The RPG Game of 2022” !

#GOT The “Axie Infinity Killer”

Axie infinity Shards ($AXS Token) an ERC20 Token is listed on Major Crypto Currency Trading Platforms Including Coinbase and Binance. But written in Solidity Coding as an ETHEREUM CONTRACT

Era7 ($ERA) “Game of truth” NFT Trading Card Game (TCG) is built on The Binance Smart Chain BSC20 Network (BNB Utility Token) thus the transaction speeds are cheaper and faster then ($AXS Token) as a ERC20 Token.

Rpg Games Play To Earn Crypto


GOT$ NOT “Game of Thrones” is written using (TRX) TRX Blockchain.

Game Play of ERA 7 NFT Trading Card Game you collect NFT cards into a deck and protect them is the player’s primary tasks. Different in-game NFT cards have different effects and should be collected carefully and staked into a deck. The cards could be legendary or common depending on the card’s value. Cards with higher values are collected in training, fights, summons, or when players synthesize cards. Players not only watch their deck but are on the look for strategic moves and positions put out by their opponents. This is a brain training and in-game skill sharpening process for players. New cards, battle passes, and playing methods are to be updated as the need arises.

ERA Token Economy

The total amount of Era tokens to be issued is 1 billion. This is a token built by the Era7 Metaverse on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and currently serves exclusively as Era7’s platform token. Players can obtain Era token rewards through battling, getting involved in community incentives, and liquidity mining. With the development of the Era7 metaverse, the functions of Era tokens will extend to community governance, pledging and other rights and interests. The platform currency, the Era token, is effectively the Bitcoin of the entire Era7 metaverse. Era tokens are similar to stable tokens, and supply and demand are dictated by the market. The Era token obtained by the player can be exchanged for USDT or local fiat.

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