Mining Bytecoin With Minergate

Mining Bytecoin With MinerGate

Mining Bytecoin

With Minergate

Hey guys welcome back again. So basically, in this video we’re going to be mining Bytecoin. Just to find out what hashrate we can get on average and how much income we can make with this specific currency using MinerGate. Now i’d just like to say that it is very important if you are mining to have one of these. Now I use CAM.

What this does is give you the temperature of your GPU & CPU so that you can monitor it and make sure it doesn’t overheat because if it does you can destroy your CPU or GPU and your computer which is never fun because that’s really expensive. So. if it does get quite hot you might see me turning these off and then back on throughout the video but I’m going to be trying to limit that down so that we can get an accurate reading. So, as you can see I’ve already got some Bytecoin, so I’m just going to type in how many we have at the moment and then we will go on from there.

I wish us luck and let’s get into it.

Okay.. so it has officially taken me 90 minutes to mine 1 USD cent, that is a long time. That’s kinda like Apple child slave factories in China. Like that’s how much I’m basically paying myself by mining Bytecoin.

What you do have to bear in mind is that this was done over a few days and 90 minutes overall. Within that 90 minutes as you have seen the share difficulty does fluctuate which means that some parts of the day will be easier to mine than others which is something to keep in mind. The other thing to keep in mind is that I was running TinyTake which is the video capturing software I’m using now at the same time of running my miner. Now, because of that TinyTake used some CPU power which means that I wasn’t able to put all of my CPU power into the miner because I had to delegate some to TinyTake.

So that’s something to take into consideration.

However, on average it will take you 90 minutes with a standard computer. – Again if you want to check out my specs check out my Instagram account Mindset_Hub. And it will take you 90 minutes to mine 1 US cent with Bytecoin. I’m glad we figured that out, we’re not going to be mining that again. And lets try mining something else.

See you in the next video, cheers. Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe, like and comment. Alright, see you in the next video..

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