If I Could Start Investing In Crypto Today - Lessons Learned


Welcome to Crypto Swami, the top bitcoin stories and crypto news and broken into bite size pieces, and crypto and bitcoin news videos. Crypto Swami teach’s how to buy bitcoin and crypto currency! This article is about buying crypto in 2021, the things Swami learned along the way. This is a beginners guide to buying bitcoin and crypto currency. So, if you’re just starting into Cryptocurrency in 2021. Swami crypto reviews the things that all bitcoin investors should learned so we’ll take a look at where to take bitcoin profits and put those into stores of value in crypto. We’ll talk about some of the biggest gainers in the crypto market throughout the years.

We’re going to talk about crypto death, the naysayers that are out there and there is never a shortage of those and also timing, is everything. And, lastly, we’ll do a quick update about ethereum 2.0 and how rapidly that’s coming into the space. So we’ll take a look at all those things, but first take a look what’s going on into the crypto market today. Today is Oct 1 2021 and the bitcoin market cap is up tp 1.9 trillion. Bitcoin daily sentiment looks like it’s pretty bullish, 64 of a hundred we’re using bitcoin trade the chain for sentiment, analysis and that’s how we can find that information links in the description. But the different crypto assets that are out there, ethereum is doing pretty good in 24 hours, two percent and it’s almost about to make three thousand dollars again. Tether’s still number three, because people continue to sell a little bit here and they’ve tethered up. That’s why the market cap has increased cardano to 209, everything you know a little sideways in all honesty, two percent for avalanche coin, avalanche crypto was just talked about by Coinbase. If the liquidity is there in coinbase Pro and there is newsflash on avalanche crypto coin. Then expect a bump in avalance crypto coin price. That’s pretty much what’s going on, so the crypto market cap overall is a little bit up, but the big, the big top crypto coins are not really moving fantastically. Maybe there’s some bigger plays in the in the top crypto 500 coins, but that’s what we have as far as the top bitcoin crypto coins.

So Swami has learned a couple things along the way of crypto investing since he started in 2017, and I want to preface it with this obviously Crypto Swami and Sea Swami LLC are not a financial advisors and their goals are not your goals, So if you’re just getting into cryptocurrency and you’re like you’re 18 year old person or maybe in your 20s, and you know you just do starting off my goals are obviously your goals, as opposed To somebody who’s in their 70s and they have been retired for years now our goals could align or they could not. It really doesn’t matter, but these are the things that Crypto Swami has learned. So if Crypto Swami had a time machine and could redo everything, the first thing we would tell myself back in 2017 is to take Profits! All the talk about crypto diamond hands, and you got ta hold on forever is pure nonsense. I know several bitcoin influencers will talk like that. As far as like bitcoin price and charts reflect, why would you do that? Why would you get rid of bitcoin he’s got crypto vision again. Our goals are not his goals. Ask yourself as a crypto investor and day trader does this align with what I want to do and for me taking profits along the way? It’s just good crypto trading practice because if you can do that, then when there’s huge dips like we just saw a 50 retracement not too long ago in May and June of 2021 in the Bitcoin Price. As a crypto investor you actually buy more crypto at a cheaper price and then really hold on to things. I’m not telling you to get all the way out, but that is how, like I’m going to start doing these things and the problem with taking crypto profits.

Is Crypto Swami bad at it? We real good at delta cost averaging we’re real good at buying bitcoin on the dips, but we have a hole in our bitcoin investment strategy. We’re going to shore that up with a couple of people who are going to help me out and you’ll, be seeing them on YouTube channel talking about buying crypto dip and buy this and buy that. But rarely do you hear people talk about taking crypto profits. This is what we’re doing!

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