How To Mine Dogecoin? Step By Step Pc Crypto Mining (2021)

How To Mine Dogecoin? Step by Step PC Crypto Mining (2021)

Today in 22 april 30 2021 the value of one doge coin is around 0.27 so to make five dollars you need around 18 to 19 doge coins. If you want to make 10 dollars you need around 37 doge coins. In this video I will share with you one of the easiest methods to mine doge coin on your PC and I will share with you how I did this just yesterday I mined doge coin for around 12 hours. I will share with you how much doge coins I mined. I mined on this on my home PC. So start earning some doge coins and some dollars super easy.

This is another crypto swami presentation and without wasting time let’s go directly into our crypto work, and see how we can mine doge coin. How we can earn doge coin super easy on our pc.

I know some of you are crypto currency beginners and maybe you don’t know what is dodge coin. What is a cryptocurrency? What is crypto mining? I want to explain the concept of cryptocurrencies and mining in a super simple way when you want to send a payment for someone as an example you are buying something online and you want to pay through your credit card what happened is that the payment will go through a third party service like a government the bank accounts.

What happened is that in 2008 is satoshi nakamoto invented something called the block chain this blockchain allows you to do peer-to-peer transactions. These peer-to-peer connections are completed without the need of any third parties governments banks, you can send money directly from one person to another. This money will not be in dollars or euros because dollars euros or whatever are managed by banks and governments.

Crypto currency works on the blockchain. Cryptocurrency is simply the currency that works on the blockchain network where you can send directly from one person to another without the use of any third parties. We think the idea is so simple now how to earn a cryptocurrency like doge coin. What actually validates currency from countries and governments? Gold was historically the hard currency which had value. They can print paper money using digital asset computers. We can now use cryptocurrency we instead of gold.

We put power electricity and resources so we can get and earn more cryptos how this happens simply by a process called bitcoin mining, which is simply solving a crypto hash. Don’t worry about now the technical stuff just understand the general idea so when we mine for crypto currencies we are putting our pooling our electrical resources. Our PC resources CPU GPU use our electricity and we are solving some hashing equations. We earn and get rewarded with cryptocurrencies as a payment for using our electrical resources. So the simple formula is we mine using our PC ASIC and we earn cryptocurrency. We have bitcoins, ethereum, xrp and we have doge coin.

So this is the general concept of crypto, if you are interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies and blockchains. Crypto Swami has created this bitcoin video review site for you.

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