How To Make Millions Investing In Crypto Games (Do This Now!)

How To Make Millions Investing In Crypto Games (DO THIS NOW!)

Crypto Swami predicts crypto gaming is the investment opportunity of a lifetime, with it even being compared to when bitcoin was as low as a hundred dollars a coin. So I thought I’d do some research and find out what’s going on and I have to admit I was pretty blown away. By now we’ve probably all heard the stories of teens making millions from NFTs (Digital Art) and personally we think it’s safe to say we’re a little bit skeptical of people selling these pointless jpeg images for such high prices. I mean like those crypto punks have been selling for up to 11 million dollars each.

However by looking into crypto gaming this has really started to make sense as it could be the use case for NFTs. Crypto gaming is the next logical progression for the gaming industry which is currently worth 180 billion dollars. This new cryptocurrency investing opportunity is a chance to get in on the ground floor. We are traditional bitcoin stock investors. Lets change parents attitudes towards video games all over the world. Would it be amazing to log on to your favorite PS4 game and actually earn crypto money while you’re playing it? I’m not talking about being a professional gamer or streamer all you’d have to do is have fun playing the game.

This sounds a little bit crazy but crypto games will have this play feature integrated into them. This makes it easier to see why they would quickly become very popular; but gaming offers no value to society how could you possibly be paid for doing it? Well let me explain the game Fortnite has generated nearly 10 billion dollars with in-game purchases over the last few years, they do this by selling rare skins and items which are all stuck within the game itself, so those items have no value unless you’re playing Fortnite. The introduction of the battle pass helped achieve these crazy revenue numbers; you buy the battle pass and as you progress you unlock skins and other exclusive content. But what if you could actually take those items and sell them in the real world. You could even make a profit. That’s going to be possible in crypto games, the items will be all NFTs and the gold you collect will be its own cryptocurrency.

With real world value by having creative uses for these digital assets inside the games it creates demand for the items and an in-game economy. Just imagine the possibilities you could be playing Sims and buy an NFT of a sofa to put in your digital house. Perhaps you’re playing World of Warcraft and earning real money for every gold coin you collect. This is a long way off from happening with the big games, however you may start seeing this concept popping up in many indie games. Not all of them are going to be successful, in my opinion first and foremost the game has to be fun to play, it’s all very well having this play to earn crypto feature. If the game isn’t enjoyable then the demand for the crypto alt coins and the nfts will of course be a lot lower. On the other hand a game could lay dormant for a while but if it’s extremely addictive then it may get adopted on a huge scale, which will cause the value of its crypto coins and nfts to increase.

It’s a bit like when people first started to get interested in bitcoin as there was more demand the price started to increase dramatically. The creation of crypto games is so exciting is there’s an estimated 3.24 billion gamers, just imagine if they all wanted crypto and nfts. From a Cryptocurrency investor standpoint not a gamer why does any of this matter? Understanding how crypto games work is important to visualize bitcoin stocks. If you find popular blockchain games and invested in their nfts and stable tokens, that kind of explosive growth could make you a lot of money.

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