How To Buy Ethereum With Changelly | Exchange Btc

How to Buy Ethereum with Changelly | Exchange BTC

Crypto Swami reviews Instant Bitcoin Exchange Changelly

Yeah, so I’m Konstantin Gladych I’m from Czech Republic and I’m the CEO and the co-founder of Changelly – instant bitcoin exchange service

Q: excellent, so what is Changelly? So actually Changelly is an instant crypto currency exchange we are offering our customers it’s a service like you want to exchange some BTC to ETH you have two ways now you can go to the complicated exchange interface just to release their deposit key and place the orders etc etc etc

Changelly provides a simple crypto wallet, and we just offer the simple solution like we are given use the bitcoin address you can send fast status and we will exchange it for you for the better rates in our trading algorithm and just send ether all the process took like ten or twenty minutes.

I think it’s definitely solving a problem in the blockchain technology crypto exchange ecosystem. I know because I personally use Changelly for a transaction recently Q: so can you tell me about who are your competitors? what are you trying? what’s your next step? so actually is the main competitor is ShapeShift and a few smaller services on the markets so we can start like at two years and a half when it’s the only one service on the market that offering the option and the BTC price was like $300 at that time and other coins just costs almost nothing ETH price was like $5 Q: so you were in early solving this problem probably before any major people?

– right right

Q: so are there any competitive advantages over shapeshift? yeah we come from almost no amount restrictions this is why we have a lot of huge customers for exchange like 20BTC or 50BTC even the biggest transactions the transaction we have process it was 500 bitcoins to DASH yeah so that shows a lot of trust that these people with very large amounts are they trust your algorithm that it’s going to do a fair trade and not manipulate or take advantage Right absolutely, actually we are exchange broker so we are providing trades on Poloniex, Bittrex, Bitfenix and this month we’ll announce binance integration and the vehicle corporates verified accounts there and we have a trade and algorithm so for instance if you want to exchange crypto like 50BTC so we will split all the amount for the smaller trades and make the orders right near the spread and why in some cases you can get even better bitcoin price rates if you go to exchange and trade by yourself.

The standard crypto currency investor or person in these markets may not be as sophisticated in their ability to place these bitcoin trades. Chaangelly makes the process simple. Which like you’re solving a major problem and in the ecosystem

Q: so are you familiar with ChronoLogic scheduling transactions for the future using ethereum alarm clock? yeah I know I know that the ethereum contracts are lack of timing you know nothing about the time in the ethereum contracts just a number of the blocks and in most cases you need to know the time and so I think your service has provided a challenge once my contracts is rather in the smart contracts and it should be a lot of use cases smart contracts is rather young industry also and I believe it’s a huge future for your company

Q: excellent, can you think of a way that this could be used in exchanges and anatomic swaps or something like that? yeah actually in changelly I’m personally invested in one project it’s they use an atomic swap technology and if you want to trade between these coin and ETH you should lock funds in the ether contract for some time and the better way is to start the time another number of the block and you shouldn’t predict the number of the blocks and I believe in the atomic swaps it should be useful

Q: excellent so how can people learn more about Changelly?

Are you asking about the marketing? yeah, like where can they visit maybe you have tutorials? yeah right so we have a lot of tutorials on our platform and also a lot of our customers and the affiliate partners are also making tutorials these bloggers make them like some kind of about what is Changelly like how I can exchange some coins and change it in just check my video and follow my links it’s like crowd marketing guys because the affiliates program ok and there we are offering our partners turn some money with us that’s excellent it’s a great incentive – yeah well thank you for speaking for Crypto Swami.

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