How Much Cardano (Ada) What Is Cardano? Cardano News

How Much Cardano (ADA) What is Cardano? Cardano News

For as much excitement we’re seeing for ethereum and eth 2.0 and the Defi crypto ecosystem on ETH, we’re seeing some substantial excitement for cardano. So would you give me your updated thoughts on cardano in 2021. What is cardano? How many cardano (ADA) do you need investing cryptocurrency to be wealthy? Is cardano a good crypto currency investment? There seems to be love triangle with ethereum and cardono cryptocurrency investors, because when ethereum is doing there is alot of ethereum news, and the cardano news people hate us.  When cardano is doing and there is a lot of cardano news, then ethereum people hate us.

  The cryptocurrency future of cardano and ethereum crypto coins is similar to google and yahoo beginning market share. In the Decentralized finance Defi platform space and decentralized web 3.0, you’re going to have several cryptocurrency exchange. One crypto currency exchange insurance is not going to work. So we believe there’s room for ethereum and cardano and polkadot. Solana is another great crypto decentalized finance project.

In the smart contract space cardano we’re specifically super mega bullish and we believe this is the best crypto altcoin. We start looking for cardano price prediction somewhere between eight and nine dollars for this alt coin crypto bull run. We have been watching cardano coin in the cryptocurrency coin market for four years. We are looking forward to a macro alt coin season in the cryptocurrency markets. In general the last altcoin cryptocurrency bull run obviously bitcoin was pumping the institutional money. The Finance banks started putting money into bitcoin, that was kind of the end of the bull market. Right now in this crypto currency bull run, the general public investors money which is in bitcoin but now it’s starting to flow down to ethereum and cardano. We’re also starting to see a chinese technology company like Meitu, invest a bunch of money in ethereum cryptocurrency.

We’re watching ethereum ETF from institutional finance companies move into the decentralized finance DeFi markets. Their are futures contracts we got released on ethereum in 2021. Ethereum crypto contracts went 27 million at the end of quarter four 2020 to like three billion at the end of quarter one of 202. This is insane financial institutional demand, in the next bull run we will see cardano and some other crypto alt coin start getting some benefits.

  The polka dot chain link start getting some of those benefits this year 2021, and we don’t know if the financial institutions will eventually put money into micro caps like Cardano. Overall in the crypto coin market once the finance institutional money starts flowing in should flow into cardano coin, and these other crypto projects. When big money retail crypto investors push into bitcoin, the blow off top institutions will flow back to cardano, polkadot and other crypto decentralized Defi platforms.

Large companies like Microstrategy and Tesla right are showing acceptance of crypto alt coins. So cardano coin true potential is so when you start looking at how high that price can go, we could see Cardano’s price somewhere between $50 and $100. So you would need about ten thousand Cardano Coin to become  a millionaire down the road.

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