Ecchicoin Token Crypto: Nft Art Marketplace, Game And Anime Platform! 2022

Ecchicoin Token Crypto: NFT Art Marketplace, Game and Anime Platform! 2022

Ecchicoin Token Crypto

Swami Says: Another Game crypto token to watch. Anime Digital Art is going to be a huge market in the NFT Metaverse. The name of the token to watch is called ecchicoin. This is an Anime NFT Marketplace and Art project. They have future anime series coming out for 2022.  An Anime game is also ready to launch for this crypto token. Anime fans and fantasy roleplaying fans will find this project very appealing.

Ecchicoin uses a unique solution of BUSD as the pairing for our EcchiCoin token (ECCHI) on PancakeSwap. 4% of each transaction is split 50/50, half of which is sold by the contract, converted to BUSD, and paired with remaining ECCHI tokens. This pairing is then added as a liquidity pair on PancakeSwap, allowing for an incremental increase in the price floor

Ecchicoin NFT Marketplace

For each NFT purchase or sell on the EcchiCoin marketplace, a 2% (max) or 1% (min) fee is applied, which is split 50/50, half of which are used to purchase EcchiCoin by the smart contract and paired with the remaining BUSD This is then added as a liquidity pair on PancakeSwap. Currently the Anime NFT Art is priced at approx $100 BUSD on Pancake Swamp.

Making this Anime Art extremely reasonable priced at the beginning of 2022 with huge potentional for NFT digital art to make huge gains for the year 2022.

Ecchicoin Anime Series

Isekai Island is our original Fantasy themed Anime series that the NFT Anime Project is looking to make once they reach their funding goal. They have a live tracker on their web site showing their progress so investors can see how soon we will be going into full production. We have hired an amazing screenwriter who has begun writing our screenplays for the season which will each be ten, 30-minute-long episodes. Their incredible composer, Raj Ramayya, is already at work crafting more fabulous original music for our project. The Ecchicoin team are in contact with some of the biggest stars in all of Anime to voice our lead characters: Cherami Leigh, Morgan Berry, and Kira Buckland. All these awesome actors have already spent time with us in the recording booth recording voice overs for our Isekai Battle game and our marketing teasers. We hope to be able to sign them all for our show as well!

Ecchicoin Token. Anime

Creating a Anime show takes imagination, a great story, a wonderful team and lots of money! We hope that the Ecchicoin family will want to see us succeed and get our show made which will then help power our Ecchicoin token to even greater success. Merchandising, games, conventions, soundtrack, cosplay competitions and much more will be fabulous tools for marketing this project. The team is in contact with 2 well known studios in Japan to produce and make our show as soon as we have reached our goals. Please stay tuned for more updates as we strive to make the most exciting Anime series you have seen, all powered by Ecchicoin!

Are you a Digital Anime Artist looking for a how sell NFT Crypto Art

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