Cryptohopper Tutorial: Crypto Trading Bot Strategy!

Cryptohopper Tutorial: Crypto Trading Bot Strategy!

Cryptohopper Tutorial: Crypto Trading Bot Strategy!

Today we’ll be setting up our first hopper on cryptohopper. First, sign into your cryptohopper account. Then click in the top left corner your hoppers.

come on over to the top right and click new. Today we’ll be making an auto trading bot, so click create trading hopper. This brings up a menu of all the different templates cryptohopper has available for different exchanges and base currencies today ill be setting up a bot to run on kucoin using usdt as a base currency so i’ll click select this brings up a menu where we can check our information is correct exchange kucoin base currency usdt we will not be doing a paper trading bot were doing a live bot so we’ll leave this off next we’ll need to input our API keys so that our bot can communicate with our exchange and make order go ahead and put in your API keys now perfect once everything is set click save this is our dashboard this is where we can see what our hopper is doing but we haven’t turned our hopper on yet first we need to configure it go to config baseconfig today were setting up a dexstrats profit scalping premium hopper ive already purchased the template and strategy from the marketplace go to actions load template profit scalping premium is selected so i will click load template the are too many coins preselected in the template for my cryptohopper subscription level click ok i need to remove some coins navigate to coins and amounts here you can see how many coins are selected thirty two i need to get this number down to 15 you can remove which coins you’d rather your bot not trade once at fifteen your good to go click save now move to your strategy tab we want to make sure the strategy that goes along with our template is selected if its not you can choose it from the drop down list profit scalping premium good click save our bot is mostly set up the dexstrats templates come with all the settings you need but there is one thing we should double check we should double check that we have the right dca funding level lets do that now i’ll leave a link for the dca calculator in the video description navigating to the dca calculator ive got seven hundred dollars which is the amount i’ll start trading with fifteen coins selected one maximum open position per coin you can check your settings here on your cryptohopper baseconfig and clicking the buy settings tab it should tell you in the blue box max one open positions per coin sounds good your percentage buy amount the template comes default set at one point five but this may not work for you you want to double check to make sure dexstrats recommends a dca funding level between 20% and 40%.

4.2 looks like it will give me 63% of my funds for initial purchases and leave 37% in case the bot needs to DCA a position perfect lets make this change percentage buy amount 4.

2 lets go to our baseconfig and click coins and amounts percentage buy amount let me make that 4.2 click save were all set up the only thing thats left to do is turn on our bot to turn on our cryptohopper bot to turn on our cryptohopper bot all we need to do is enable it over here on the right of the dashboard click the toggle hopper is enabled congratulations you should see a menu the first time you create a hopper giving you different choices to look at documentation tutorials video tutorials and F.A.Q.s but we don’t need to do that right now our bot is operational now and look its connect to my exchange im gonna go ahead and let it know that my start balace was $700 there we go $700 selected as a start balance now i have a position already in my exchange account but it’s not showing up lets fix that we can scroll down just under the current assets tab and click the syncronize button i would like my bot to automatically sync with my exchange this is a good option to use if you only use your exchange account for trading with your bot i also want to make sure that right now it sync’s the position i have so i will click syncronize selected perfect thats it it’s been syncronized and thats it we’ve made our cryptohopper trading bot all done your bot should be running congratulations i hope you all have a wonderful day and welcome to DexStrats.

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