Buy Crypto With Changelly Instant Crypto Currency Exchange

Buy Crypto with Changelly Instant Crypto Currency Exchange

Crypto Swami bitcoin exchange review with Sasha Kolesova with Changelly I work as a director of public relations at Changelly so Changelly is basically an instant crypto currency exchange we’ve been operating since 2015 on the market and we’ve gained so much around 2 million users so far – wow yeah that’s that’s a really high adoption rates I mean I’m actually a user of Changelly and shape-shift and I think that these type of instant bitcoin and crypto exchanges are really really convenient especially for newer users.

Q: so what’s kind of feedback are you getting from these two million people? Well when we were creating the project we were keeping in mind that our main goal is to lower the entry level for the users who want to exchange crypto to crypto or buy crypto for Fiat if you have money and well we are happy to get a really positive feedback for those who are who just want to get on the crypto swami website and swap really quickly the currencies and well sometimes of course we have to to resolve a lot of support tickets but that’s always a challenge that helps us keep moving forward and develop our service as the best bitcoin exchange.

We think that really sets companies apart from others when they have really good customer service I know when I’m buying a domain name or something like that I’ll go with GoDaddy for example because they always answer my questions and they’re always answering the phone when I need them to so I think that’s great that you guys are doing your best in that area.

Changelly is run by ChronoLogic and we do time-based we solve time-based problems using blockchain technology which involves scheduling future transactions through something called the ethereum alarm clock.

Q:So can you imagine that users might want to schedule future purchases of these cryptocurrencies using something like the ethereum alarm clock well I hope so because I think that once one day I’d have to it has to come up to this situation because I mean we live in a world where we use for example we use our usual money and I guess a lot of people are scheduling usual transactions like paying for internet connection or whatever so I think it’s it’s going to be kind of the same when it comes to cryptocurrencies and so yeah I hope so that’s one day it will be the reality

Q: good so where can people learn more about Changelly? It’s pretty easy yeah so you can you can easily find how to use our service I mean like the full description and we also we are expanding our knowledge base right now to educate our users more especially those who just started to use crypto and who are basically newbies so we just want to help them to be less confused once they start swapping something or exchanging because thinking about all this difficulties that you can get into like speed of transactions all these confirmations and all that stuff sometimes people get really confused so yeah we want to help them in that and that’s what you can find in our website that’s great we look forward to hearing Konstantin’s talk later today and thank you for talking with us thank you so much it was pleasure to meet you

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