Bitcoin For Beginners! How To Setup Your Bitcoin Wallet Fast And Easy!

BITCOIN FOR BEGINNERS! How to Setup Your Bitcoin Wallet Fast and Easy!

Do you want to learn about bitcoin, and how to have a bitcoin wallet? Hello everyone! This is Crypto Swami and welcome back to Earn Money with Bitcoin! Today I’m feeling so fluffy and cute for today. Since there are a lot of you who requested about bitcoin for beginners video and on how to have a bitcoin wallet.

Here it is, I will finally grant your wish! But anyway if you’re new to my channel please consider subscribing because I’m videos and tutorials on how to earn money online and of course please like this video too join our load give away every video upload. So now let’s talk about what is bitcoin? So this is bitcoin as you can see it has letter B sign but this one is only a replica, has no value but this is nice for like souvenir and for instagram upload. So as you can see here bitcoin is a cryptocurrency.

It’s a digital currency without a central bank so basically this bitcoin is like gcash, paymaya but not fiat money bitcoin is bitcoin and every bitcoin has its own value.

As of now October 2, 2021 the current value of bitcoin is $48045.00 ! Bitcoin was invented by unknown person who’s named was Satoshi Nakamoto we also don’t know who really was him but definitely he will not reveal who really he was! Whoever is Satoshi Nakamoto you’re so genius for making bitcoin and because of what you did we now got a new currency!

Bitcoin has its own unit which we call satoshi, satoshi is the structural part of bitcoin or cryptocurrency, 1 satoshi is equivalent to 0 thats is 7 so here you will start in 0 point then you will count up to 7 1234567 then 1 okay that’s the value of 1 satoshi 10 satoshi okay 1 bitcoin is equivalent to 100,000,000 satoshi. And the 0.0001 btc is equivalent to 10 thousand satoshi. We have a lot of sources of information about this in the internet and this is just a brief video on what is the background or history of btc!

Then next thing we will talk about is the value of bitcoin, okay so for today let’s go to google we can convert here the value of bitcoin that you have like for example 0.

001 btc can be converted into php so 0.001 btc as of today is equal to 466.97 pesos okay you can also convert it into usd the value 0.001 btc is 9.18 us dollar I prefer that you should research more about bitcoin you search more through google and through youtube it has a lot of video for bitcoin for beginners so now if you’re looking for a legit bitcoin wallet it has a lot here in philippines and international I will recommend to you coins.

ph has more like filipino users but it is also available in other country but more on asia but later I will show you the wallet that I’m using for international, which is the abra wallet.

In you will automatically get 50 php if you sign up and verify your id you can see it here is limits and verification on how we will verify you account level one should you must verify your phone number and email there you go and it’s cash in is 2,000 pesos but has no cash out but don’t worry if receive or send bitcoin it has no limit. But you will not able to cash out, take note of that level 2 you must upload an id for verification and selfie in id part you must submit a government ID and you should hold your id and then take a selfie level 3 you will verify your address which you must submit a proof of billing that you really lived their.

And level 5 is the business verification in here you will submit permits, proving you really are using in your business. Here in your dashboard in your wallet you will see here your crypto asset it has a Philippine peso here btc, xrp, bch and ethereum and if you’re asking on how we can cash in in it has a lot of methods just go to cash in. then how would you like to cash in you can use palawan, western union, m-lhuillier union bank, cliqq or 7 evelen stores or in online banking transfer over the banks we can also use remittance center, department store, 7 eleven good thing here gcash and qiosk payments are also available it has so many ways if you want to cash in here.

Okay for example in 7/11 just go to a 7/11 outlet and if you pay it will automatically enter in you account in here they will ask you the desired amount you want to cash in like for example 1,200 pesos it will have a fee of 24 pesos and click next step. Then this QR code you will show this to their cashier for scanning or you can go to cliqq and all you have to do there is put the phone number that you’re using in next, what will we do after we cash in, okay number 1 we can buy load here.

And the very good thing here is it has a 10% cashback if you buy a load here like for example you bought 100 pesos load so 10% of it is 10 pesos we can also pay bills here so is also a utility wallet and not just a bitcoin wallet.

Let’s talk about all of it before we proceed in btc. Okay in utility bills it also has 5 pesos cashback and here you will choose your bill type. company name, due date and many more, in bill type we pay through credit card, broad band insurance, telecom, water utilities good thing is you will suffer in falling in line for you to pay bills, right? Next is we can buy here game credits, you love playing it has also cashback. and they still has a lot of services, it has travel promo, remit, entertainment, coins.

pro which is a trading platform of I don’t usually use because it always has maintainance everytime bitcoin price drop or rise and the very highlight of this video is the buying of btc. Alright if you’re done cashing in and you want to buy btc it’s so easy we will just convert it.

Bitcoin For Beginners! How To Setup Your Bitcoin Wallet Fast And Easy!

Okay in php, if you have balance here all you have to do is convert click convert and put here the amount you cant to convert like for example 100 pesos your 100 pesos if you convert it to btc you will have an amount of 21, 000 satoshi or 0.0021078 btc then click convert. There you go, back to my wallet. Then is successful So here as you can see it has already entered. Okay next is on how you will get a btc wallet address if you will use a desktop you will get a wallet address by clicking QR code up here but before you will have it first step, click BTC and go to wallet address okay show btc wallet address and there you go you can now get your btc wallet address nice thing in coins.

ph is that you will only have one bitcoin wallet address unlike other wallet if you receive it will change again, unless here you will able to familiarize the first and last letter of your bitcoin wallet because you will not memorize everything since its too long.

So basically what we did is on how we will recieve a btc so on how we will send as you can see here it has send option and then you must ask first on the btc wallet address on the person you will be sending money. Okay so amount, put here how much you will send then to this is where you will paste the btc wallet address of your receiver, take note that if it’s to it will have no transaction fee but if you will send it to other wallet then it will not be free anymore so what is for you can say, “for my debts” like that and you will choose a transaction fee you can choose low if you want lower fee but expect that you will not receive it immediately in medium, it’s normal.

In high it has higher fee but for sure you will receive it immediately okay then click continue and continue here you will put the verification code that is send in your email or if you’re using two way authentication code much better, just out it there. Then I understand, okay basically that’s how to send and receive btc from other people. Okay here in php, if you want to get philipppine peso and not bitcoin, you can also do it just click receive or the QR code and this is now a peso wallet address, and take note that php and btc is just the same, because a lot of people are asking me what if I put a php wallet will I still get my pay-out? So my answer is YES.

Because php wallet is technically your btc wallet address also.

Next is on how you will cash out here. If you want to take out or withdraw all your money inside it has a lot of ways on how, just go here then here it has a lot like remittance of course like LBC, palawan express, m-lhuillier you can cash out directly in your bank accounts here are some of their partner banks. In e wallets, we can also cash out like in g-cash and paymaya, but the usual cash out that I’m using here in is through bank because I prefer it to go directly in banks because it has no fee and no hassle you just have to withdraw.

Unlike in LBC, palawan or m-lhuillier you will have to go to the store to get the money. So this is the basic information on what is btc, bitcoin, satoshi and on how we will receive money usig, next is abra wallet, my recommended wallet for international. The good thing in abra wallet is that it does not have a web or browser link but it has an application that can be found is google playstore. This is actually the wallet that I’m currently using right now because this crypto currency wallet has no limit, unlike in coins.

ph your limit depends on what level you have verified, and has limits on how much you can cash in in your account.

And if you’re asking on how you wil earn free btc, just check my channel how to earn free bitcoins and altcoins I have a lot of uploads here and some are 100% free for beginners, I prefer that you must start in free because I also started their and if you’re able to earn enough you can start investing I also have a lot of video in investments.

You can check it in my channel legit long term investment, you can visit it but take note that I’m not a financial adviser and all the things that I’m discussing in my video are base on my own experience on investing in that platform okay this is the end of our video tutorial for today it took so long but i hope this video help you on what really is a bitcoin and on how we will get a bitcoin wallet address. Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to my youtube and telegram channel for more apps and tutorials on where we can earn our money online. Then again thank you for watching stay cool, and wealthy.

My name is Aiza Mercado and see you on my next video on bitcoin.

Have a great day!.

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