4 Best Working Crypto Trading Bots : Can Crypto Bots Make Money For You?

4 Best Working Crypto Trading Bots : Can Crypto Bots Make Money For You?

Crypto Trading Bot

Can crypto bots make money for you? It’s a very common question that a lot of our readers are asking and I’m here to tell you it works, testing a lot of crypto bots as a hobby and as my need to discover something cool and interesting. And here I’m going to share some of the crypto bots that have been testing and some of them are working and also we’ll share some of the nitty gritty that you need to know to avoid losing money when you’re using crypto trading bots, right? So there are different kinds of crypto bot software out there.

Some of them requires you to have certain trading skills before you can use them.

Some of them are really advanced, which is ideal for the advanced user who wants to automate their crypto trading strategies. And then there are a few which trade on your behalf, it’s completely autopilot. However, one thing is common among all the crypto trading bots. You never give your cryptos to them. You basically, your crypto stays in your exchange.

Only you connect with this crypto bot software using your API key. You do not give permission to withdraw your cryptos so that ways your cryptos are safe. And then these bots trade on your behalf.

Now you need to understand that a bot is as good as the master, as the person who is coding it. So there are chances that in certain markets scenario, this crypto bot can give very unpleasing results.

So this is a risk that you should be aware of. Now, the hardest part is to find a crypto bot that works, and then there are different many different strategies that a lot of different bot users. Now you need to find a bot which works for you. So I’m going to share some of the crypto trading bots that I’ve been using. And some of them, I feel like I’m pretty comfortable using them and they have been bringing some really good results.

So without further delay let’s guide, let’s check out some of these crypto bots. All right. So the very first one is three commas. 3Commas has been around for many years and is one of the most popular crypto trading bots out there. They have three trading bots.

There are two which I have played with and I found them to be very profitable. One of them is GRID bot. Now, GRID bot works in the sideways market when an instrument is in a particular range.

And what it does is it basically scalp the grid to create profit for you. Now, in my research, I’ve, I’ve been getting return of 1% every day with grid bot.

Another bot, which is very popular on three commas is the DCA bot and specially one using the composite feature. You can generate earn significant amount of return. Now the good thing about three Commasis they offer three days trial. Plus they have a paper trading account.

So you don’t really need to put any money that you have money.

Initially, you can actually trade using people, trading it’s simulated trading using the virtual money, and you can try learn about this trading bot. Find them, find a winning strategy for you. Now again, using three commas definitely require you to have basic skills of looking at the chart. If you don’t have them, it would be a little problem. Then you need to look at the other trading bot, which I have, which I’m going to suggest you at the end of this video.

Crypto Trading Bot

Now, if you have never signed up for three comments, you can find the link in the description. You can go for three days trial and you can start with paper trading. Now the second one is bit universe, bituniverse is a free crypto trading bot platform. It connects with your exchange, and trade on your behalf. It has many interesting trading bot.

The one that I really like is the grid bot. Again, it is the only platform which offers free grid bot feature. It also have the AI feature, which automatically suggest the upper range and the lower range. And I found this very interesting and useful for the bigineer.

Now again, using a grid bot definitely requires you to have basic skill of trading.

Otherwise it could be unpleasant for you. So these are the two that you can get started with this. Now the third one is crypto hopper. Now I’ve been playing with crypto hopper since last one month, and I feel crypto hopper is super amazing for the experienced trader. You can automate your existing strategies using a strategy builder of crypto hopper.

They do have feature called signals, which is ideal for beginners who just want to trade based on other signalers signals, which is great. But Cryptohopper is something which I highly recommend for the advanced users to check out crypto hopper. They offer free trial as well, which is a good place to get started. Now the fourth one is amazing for the absolute beginner. This one is called Stackedinvest.

This is a new platform and I’ve recently did one detailed video on what Stackedinvest and how it works. So stackedinvest is basically a marketplace where a lot of algo creators offer their algo trading strategies on a monthly subscription.

And some of their algo trading strategies are mind blowing. There are two which I’ve been using lately. One is called nine 9Kscalp bot, which recently got sold out, but it was giving great results.

Uh, the, another one is called Wave based HFD BTC, which is another very popular crypto algo bot on starting with that, you should check out again, whatever I’m sharing is based on the past results. If tomorrow they give the same result or not, it’s, uh, that is debatable. So again, you should do your own research.

You should understand the risk of using a crypto trading bot, but I’m here to tell you Crypto bot works and it is an industry that you should put your head in. If you are into crypto already, it will be very profitable for you in days to come.

Now I will be sharing more videos and my adventures of finding out new crypto trading bot on this channel. If you have not subscribed to CoinSutra, it’s a good reminder that you should subscribe to my channel and do check out my earlier videos where I’ve talked about Stackedinvest and some more crypto trading videos, which you are going to find very useful with that. I will see you in the next video.

Bye bye. This is Harsh Agrawal.

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